College & Career Center

Welcome to the College and Career Center

Hours: 7:15 am – 3:30 pm

College and Career Education Specialist:

Danielle Cranon                  [email protected]                       (510) 818-4332

Cheri Garcia                         [email protected]                          (510) 818-4333


  • San Jose State University – November 1st


PTSA Meeting 6:30-7:30 pm in the NMHS library

  • This meeting will cover the College and Career Center and the services that are offered. A tour of the Career Center will be given at the end of the meeting.

Students can visit the center to explore colleges, research applications and admissions, financial aid, scholarships, ROP (Regional Occupation Programs) and employment and volunteer opportunities.


In addition to reference books, study guides and catalogs, there are 7 computers with internet and printer access available for student use which links to our college/career development software, Naviance.


Career and college planning begins in the 9th grade with interest and aptitude tests that connect with related occupations, majors and colleges. Students are then invited to attend college & career presentations which are offered in many varied occupational areas throughout the school year.


Guest speakers from colleges across the country typically visit mainly between the months of September to November, but visits continue in lesser numbers as the school year progresses.


Registration materials and information is available for SAT, ACT, Financial Aid, NCAA, scholarships and ROP.


Work Permit Request forms are obtained and processed through the College and Career Center. 


Community volunteer opportunities and summer programs are also coordinated through the College and Career Center.


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