Freshmen Information

At Newark Memorial High School we believe that an effective first year for our freshman focuses on making

the ninth-grade year a year of transition. If a high school properly directs its energies during that year, it is

possible to lay a positive foundation for both students and school for the years to come.  Our Freshman

Transition Program focuses on laying a strong foundation for all of our ninth-grade students as well as

identifying which students need intervention and providing the proper resources.  Throughout the year we at

Newark Memorial High School are striving to:

  • Make the high school a more nurturing environment where it is difficult for students to slip through the
  • cracks
  • Standardize expectations so that students know what they should do and teachers know what they should
  • look for so that expectations can improve
  • Equip students with the belief systems they need to learn and be successful
  • Create classroom cultures where excellence occurs
  • Teach students organizational and time-management strategies
  • Foster effective parent-teacher contact
  • Ensure that the teachers of freshmen grow professionally and use the latest and greatest strategies in pedagogy and technology
  • Preemptively and proactively provide support services for students who fall behind.