Final Exam Bell Schedule

Final Exams Bell Schedule

Mon. 6/10 to Wed. 6/12

Mon. 6/10 Tue. 6/11 Wed. 6/12
A Per.    6:50 – 7:40 A Per.    6:50 – 7:40 A Per.    6:50 – 7:40
Per. 1    7:45 – 9:55 Per. 2    7:45 – 9:55 Per. 5    7:45 – 9:55
Brunch  9:55 – 10:25 Brunch  9:55 – 10:25 Brunch  9:55 – 10:25
Per. 3    10:31 – 12:41 Per. 4    10:31 – 12:41 Per. 6    10:31 – 12:41


Ohlone for Kids Summer 2019

Ohlone For Kids and Teens Summer Enrichment Program

Ohlone For Kids offers a unique blend of academic and special interest classes to students entering grades 4-11. Students gain new skills, develop confidence, and engage in hands-on learning activities, stimulating their interests and growth. All courses are conducted in an interactive, facilitated workshop format in a safe and supportive environment.

Summer 2019 Session Dates2019 OFK Summer Program Catalog

  • Session 1: June 24-28, July 1-3
  • Session 2: July 8-11, July 15-18
  • Session 3: July 22-25, July 29- August 1

The catalog for Summer 2019, which includes all the classes we offer, is now available. To view catalog, please click on catalog image (right).

Registration will begin on Monday, April 1, 2019 at 9:00 am.

Go to our registration website for more up-to-date details.

Cell Phone and Electronic Devices NUSD policy

Cell Phone and Electronic Devices

Per our principal, Dr. Bernard, via P.26 of the 2018-19 Student and Parent/Guardian Handbook…

Cell Phones and Other Electronic Signaling Devices
Use of a cellular/digital telephone, pager or other mobile communications device during instructional time is prohibited. Such devices shall be turned off in class, except when being used for a valid instructional or other school-related purpose as determined by the teacher or other district employee, and at any other time as directed by district employee. Any device with camera, video, or voice recording function shall not be used in any manner which infringes on the privacy rights of a person. (NUSD BP 5131 Conduct)

When a student uses any prohibited device, or uses a permitted device in any unethical or illegal activity, a district employee may confiscate the device. The employee shall store the item in a secure manner until an appropriate time . Students who violate district or school rules and regulations may be subject to discipline or loss of privileges in accordance with Board policy and administrative regulation, with notification to local law enforcement as appropriate . (NUSD BP 5131 Conduct)

Finals Exams 2019

Final Exams Jan 14-18, 2019
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1/14/2019 1/15/2019 1/16/2019 1/17/2019 1/18/2019
A Period 6:50 – 7:40 AM 1st & 3rd Period 2nd & 4th Period 5th & 6th Period
1st Period 7:45:00 – 8:45 AM
2nd Period 8:51 – 9:51 AM A Period  6:50 – 7:40 AM
Brunch 9:51 – 10:01 AM 1st, 3rd, 5th 7:45 – 9:55 AM
3rd Period 10:07 – 11:07 AM Brunch 9:55 – 10:25 AM
4th Period 11:13 – 12:13 PM 2nd, 4th, 6th 10:31 – 12:41 PM
Lunch 12:13 – 12:48 PM End of Day 12:41 PM
5th Period 12:54 – 1:54 PM
6th Period 2:00 – 3:00 PM

PSAT Schedule Wednesday October 10


PSAT TEST FOR GRADES 10 & 11 only 7:45-11:30
1st Period, grades 9-12 11:40-12:04
Lunch 12:04-12:34
2nd Period 12:39-1:03
3rd Period 1:08-1:32
4th Period 1:37-2:01
5th Period 2:06-2:30
6th Period 2:35-3:00


Orientación estudiantil

Atención Cougars!
Este es un mensaje urgente que le recuerda a todas las familias que se registren en línea antes del miércoles QUINZE de agosto. Vaya a
Los estudiantes en los grados nueve y doce pueden recoger sus horarios de clase el miércoles quinze de agosto entre las nueve de la manana  y las tres de la tarde.
Los estudiantes en los grados diez y once pueden recoger sus horarios de clase el jueves dieciseis de agosto entre las nueve de la manana  y las tres de la tarde.
Los miércoles y jueves son días de laberinto, un día para padres y estudiantes para navegar los diferentes giros y vueltas para prepararse para el primer día de clases.
Ven al Centro de Eventos para recoger tu horario, también puedes pedir un yearbook, comprar ropa de educacion fisica y agendas para los estudiantes y unirte a ASB para recibir admisión con descuento para eventos escolares.
Todos los estudiantes de noveno grado se reportan al gimnasio pequeno el viernes diecisiete de agosto a las ocho de la manana. La hora de salida es a la mediodia.
El primer día oficial de clases para todos los estudiantes es jueves el vientetres de agosto.

Estamos listos para darle la bienvenida a otro año fabuloso en Newark Memorial.