What is MCA ?


Freshmen, please see your counselor for more information or contact Ms.Matsumoto in room 345 or via E-Mail at [email protected]


MCA is a career-focused academy that prepares students with the skills necessary for work in the fields of multimedia and communications. The program is a unique opportunity for students to explore and prepare for a future career in graphic design, animation, video production, and audio engineering. MCA is one of 340 funded California Partnership Academies in the state, structured as a school-within-a-school, and designed to create a close community of students and dedicated educators that meet regularly to monitor student achievement.


Academy coursework integrates academic and career technical education (CTE), with project based learning  that often bridges multiple classes. For example: Students in the Junior MCA English course make a commercial demonstrating their understanding of ethos, pathos, and logos as their mid-term project requiring the students to use their video production skills as well as their understanding of the means of persuasion.


The Sophomore year functions as a trial year, allowing students to decide if MCA is a good fit for their educational needs. The Junior year is augmented by a mentorship and many opportunities for job shadowing. By Senior year, students will select a career specialty and work to develop a portfolio of their work to present to prospective employers and colleges of advanced training.  Seniors are also required to complete an internship, often with one of the industry partners that lends its support to MCA.

Sample Course Sequence for *MCA* students

Sample Course Sequence for *MCA* students

italics denote non-MCA courses