Physical Education

Physical Education Courses

The focus in Physical Education is on development and improvement of individual skills, strategies, and techniques.  Classes in Physical Education emphasize the principals of physical fitness, exercise, movement, and body control. These activities promote lifelong use of physical fitness, skills development, and social interaction.  A balance of individual and team activities is provided.  Two years of Physical Education are required for graduation.  All students are required to pass a swimming proficiency test.

Freshman P.E.
Grade: 9                     1 Semester           Course #5544 – Credits: 5 Physical Education

Description:  This course is an introduction to all aspects and activities of physical education.

General P.E.
Grades:  10-12           1 Semester         Course #5511 – Credits: 5 Physical Education

Advanced P.E. Weight Training
Grades:  10-12            1 Semester        Course #5514 – Credits: 5 Physical Education

Prerequisite:  1) Verification by Physical Education Department Chair or faculty coach that student is participating on baseball, badminton volleyball, softball, swimming, tennis, golf, spirit squad, or soccer team. 2) Grade of C or better in General P.E. 3) Pass Safety and Muscle Identification Test.

Grades:  10-12           1 Semester         Course #5513 – Credits: 5 Physical Education

NOTE:  Spring Semester Only

Modern Dance
Grades:  10-12           1 Semester         Course #5731 – Credits:  5 Physical Education, Repeatable for PE credit.

Description:  This course covers various dance styles:  folk dance, square dance, line dance, basic ballet, jazz, and modern dance.

Grades:  10-12           1 Semester         Course #5580 – Credits: 5 Physical Education

Description:  This course will focus on fitness through the use of various workouts such as running, step aerobics, water aerobics, and weight lifting.

State Requirements
Grades:  9-10             1 Semester         Course #5520 – Credits:  5 State Requirements

Description:  This course emphasizes individual, family, and community mental and emotional health, first aid, substance abuse education, sex education, and classroom driver education.  Students must successfully complete the classroom driver education component before they are eligible for behind-the-wheel driver training (not offered by NUSD).

Grades:  9-12             1 Year Course #9081 – Credits: 10 Elective
:  Elected ASB or Class Officer
Description:  Students will plan, organize, and present student activities on campus.