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AP EXAMINATIONS / COVID-19 2020 IEP/504 Accommodations


2020 IEP/504 Accommodations
Newark Memorial High School


Below is the College Board’s policy regarding IEP and 504 accommodations for the upcoming AP exams.  For specific questions about IEP/504 accommodations about AP testing during the coronavirus pandemic, please see the College Board website, found here.  


Please be aware that the College Board has determined that accommodations provided may be different because the exams are shorter and will be taken online at home.


And, per the College Board’s general policy, students may only use accommodations that they’ve been approved for by the College Board Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) office.  


To check the details of a student’s approved accommodation, parents or students can sign in here using the username and password for the student’s College Board account.


Specific information about accommodations for AP Spanish Language and Culture exam will be available the week of April 27.


For general questions about AP testing during the coronavirus pandemic, please see the College Board website, found here.  For other questions or concerns, please contact Assistant Principal Lise Ström at [email protected].  


Below is a list of common accommodations and how the College Board is providing accommodations in the 2020 testing environment.  For a complete list of accommodations, go to the College Board website here.  


Accommodation Application to 2020 AP test-taking environment
Extended Time

50% extended time

100% extended time

Students will automatically get the appropriate amount of extended time, per their College Board SSD-approved accommodation within the online exam platform.

Breaks as Needed

Extra Breaks

Extended Breaks

Students will receive extended time, so they’ll be able to take breaks while still having enough time to complete the exam.

Since the standard timing is 45 minutes for this year’s AP Exams (and less for the AP Spanish Language & Culture), there are no breaks during the exams. Therefore, extra breaks and/or extended breaks aren’t needed.

Separate Setting Since students are testing at home, alone, separate setting is already automatically provided.
Assistive Technology / Reader  Students will be able to take the online exam using screen reader software. If a student doesn’t have access to this software, they can have someone in their household read the exam directions and content to them (review reader instructions).

Students approved to test with a reader will test with 50% extended time (unless approved for greater than 50% extended time).
Assistive Technology / Writer-Scribe  Students will be able to take the online exam using voice recognition software, or they can have someone in their household assist them with writing their exam responses (review writer/scribe instructions).

Students approved to test with a writer/scribe will test with 50% extended time (unless approved for greater than 50% extended time).
Word Processors / Calculators Students will use their own computer. 

For applicable exams, students will use their own four-function calculator.



Hello students and families,
Just wanted to share some updates. I know everything seems difficult and some are handing these times differently. Please know that the staff and I are here to support you. Reach out to us during this time if you have any questions. We are just an email away and care about each of you.
Parents you will be receiving calls if your child has not been participating in one or more class. This is to verify if you have access to WiFi and a Chromebook at this time. As we move to more virtual learning, we want to make sure it is equitable for all students.
ACOE Superintendent Karen Monroe and Acting Superintendent Salinas, just announced:
School closure will continue until May 1st. We know that the first nine days has been a trial for virtual learning. I appreciate our staff and students communication and perseverance at this time. You will receive an email later this week with an update on what school will look like moving into the continued closure 4/6-5/1. 
Reminder: SPRING BREAK IS NEXT WEEK 3/30-4/3. 
The PTSA at NMHS has chosen their recipients for the 2020 PTSA NMHS Senior Scholarships.  Also, a NMHS senior was awarded the California PTA Senior Scholarship in addition to receiving the PTSA NMHS Senior Scholarship.  We will be holding a Facebook Live event at 3 pm on Thursday March 26th. Please join us to find out who earned these scholarships.
At this time, the College Board has decided that AP testing will occur.  Students will be allowed to take a 45-minute online free response AP exam at home.  Each AP exam will follow this streamlined model (e.g., if your student signed up for two different AP exams, each exam would take 45 minutes).  AP exams that require a portfolio (e.g., AP Computer Science) have been given an extension of the submission of the digital portfolio.  
Students will be able to use a computer, tablet, or even their phone to complete the exam.  The College Board will also allow students to take a photo of a handwritten exam and submit it.  (Exact details about this latter option are still under development.).  
The College Board has also indicated that it is doing its best to ensure that the content of the abbreviated AP exams for this year only cover material typically covered by AP teachers by March – so content generally covered in April or May will not be tested.  
More details are expected on April 3 from the College Board.  
For specific information from the College Board, please review this link: