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By Jocelyn Melgoza and Alexia Epperson

The first documented account of biometrics occurred in 1858, when the first systematic capture of hand images was used for identification purposes. Some of you may be wondering what biometrics is and to sum it all up It is as Webster defines “the measuring and analysis of such physical attributes as facial features and voice or retinal scans.This technology can be used to define an individuals unique identity, often for security purposes.” biom2sys.com says “its estimated that over 2 million cars in the uk use biometrics technology in one form or another, when using Bluetooth or entertainment systems or even in some terms unlocking he vehicle itself.” When did all of this become normal? Sense when did we as a human race rely on technology so heavily that we gave it the jobs that at one point were only known to be ours? And more importantly what are the consequences of this? A book called Emerging consequences of Biotechnology has shed some light on just that. Author Krishna Dronamraju concludes that “its applications have have resulted in some undesirable consequences such as diminished species biodiversity as well as diminished agrobiodivirsity, environmental contamination, and the exploitation of intellectual property rights and patents in appropriating the biodiversity of developing countries.” So as we propel even further into the increasingly advanced technological era, it is important to keep in mind the fallout of such a big movement. “ Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.” Christian Lous Lange.bigstock-Future-woman-with-cyber-techno-62349593-845x321.jpg

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