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Age Concerns in Video Games


Age Limits in Video Games

By Matthew Herrera 


How do you feel about age limits in video games?


While they can be helpful. Are a bit too much opinionated other than fact. I feel like that people use their emotion other than their common sense in order for them to influence children. Because let's face it  people are still buying these games no matter what age you are. One way or another they're gonna get a hold of them. It seems redoneent it kinda like watching a rated R movie. Some people can handle it and other people can't and there's a large debate if it's good or if it s good. But the reality of the matter is that the scientific has lead to no it doesn't lead to violent and it doesn't do anything that would cause harm to your children or anyone else. It won’t create someone who would cause mass genocide everyday. It doesn't make any real impact in anyone's life. So I think like the MPAA's grading system be based on what it would do to a person than how a person feels


How do you feel about age limits in video games?


Me age limits in videos games i think it's sorta useless to be honest. I mean it's a way to show oh what games are to…. a certain age group. I think it holds people back. i believe if you think you are ready to play a certain contra or to play a certain thing. I think you should have that ability as an adult because kids these days will find a way to get those games so it ends up being useless. In my opinion the game developers should union and get together and stop the rating system. it pretty much shackle and chain for the game developers where they can do so much more and implement these amazing stories and story arcs but they're held down because they have to appeal to a certain majority.


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