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Officer Sandoval's Safety Corner

PARKING LOT MAP: How to pick up and drop off your student safely.

MAPA de ESTACIONAMIENTO : Cómo recoger y dejar a su estudiante con seguridad.


Traffic safety on the Newark Memorial High School campus and on the surrounding city streets is one of the priorities for the Newark Police School Resource Officer.  The 2015-2016 school year experienced a major change that was implemented to deal with the manner and location that students could be dropped off or picked up.  This was necessary to increase safety both on the public roadway and in the parking lot.   


There is NO picking up or dropping off students on Cedar Boulevard in front of the school property.  This roadway is a bus zone and is reserved for school busses and AC Transit.   Violators will be cited.




In years past, traffic had been a major problem on Cedar Boulevard.  As hundreds of parents arrived to drop off or pick up their students in a small frame of time, the road would become congested.  The traffic at times was a mile long and it made navigation past and around the school very difficult. Emergency vehicles were delayed when responding to calls due to the amount of vehicles stopping in front of the schools.  Buses were unable to pull in and stop at the curb, often times resulting in passengers being allowed to exit the bus while it was still in the lane of traffic.  The traffic increased frustrations and tested patience.  Parents resorted to stopping in the traffic lanes of Cedar Boulevard to drop of students because vehicles blocked the curb.  This caused the students to open their doors to traffic and to become pedestrians in the roadway, both of which are violations of the California vehicle code.  The vehicles would block each other in making it a very unsafe and volatile environment.


In an attempt to alleviate the congestion and resolve the safety concerns raised by the traffic and pedestrians, a new parking lot procedure was developed.




The following campus rules/laws shall be observed by all visitors, students, and staff members while operating a motor vehicle or bicycle on the school campus:

  1. All traffic laws are enforced and subject to a traffic citation per CVC §21113(c). This section reads in part, "When a governing board, legislative body, or officer permits public traffic upon the driveways, paths, parking facilities, or grounds under their control then, except for those conditions imposed or regulations enacted by the governing board, legislative body, or officer applicable to the traffic, all the provisions of this code relating to traffic upon the highways shall be applicable to the traffic upon the driveways, paths, parking facilities, or grounds."

  2. Permits are required for all motor vehicles during school hours.  Vehicles with no permit displayed are subject to a citation by Newark Police.  Visitor parking spaces are available in the parking lot in front of the main office.  Visitors with scheduled business at the campus may temporarily utilize a visitor parking space and obtain a temporary parking permit from the main office.  Permits must be clearly displayed in the vehicle when planning to use the student or staff areas of the parking lots.  Students parked in a visitor space with intent to circumvent the permit requirement will be cited.  Staff or students who forget to display their parking permit are subject to citation.  If the permit was lost, a temporary permit must be displayed.  

  3. Vehicles shall obey all signs or markings erected in the parking lot (i.e... No Parking, "red" curb zones, One Way, Wrong Way, Stop Signs, Handicap Parking Only) (CVC §22500, §22101(d), §22507.8).

  4. Vehicles may not traverse any cone pattern, flare pattern, or electronic beacon pattern set in place for traffic control (CVC §2818).

  5. It is unlawful to disobey the direction of any peace officer (CVC §2800).

  6. Driver's shall not disregard the direction given by the Campus Monitors directing traffic in the parking lots and serving as School Crossing Guards.  It is unlawful to disregard any traffic signal or direction given by the School Crossing Guard (CVC §2815).

  7. Driver's shall not park and wait for passengers at red curb fire lanes.  If the passenger is not at the curb and actively entering or exiting a vehicle, then the driver must park in a parking space and wait for their passenger to exit the campus.  This is crucial in order to keep the traffic flowing out of the parking lot.  Traffic flows smoother when the roadways are not blocked by waiting parents.  REMEMBER:  Be a courteous driver to others.  All driver's are in a hurry to get to their destinations.

  8. The speed limit on the campus shall not exceed 15 MPH (CVC §22350).  



​Parents should familiarize themselves with the following information and the attached maps of the student and staff parking lots:




Student Lot.jpg


The student parking lot is our northern parking lot which contains our event center and is the only area designated for students.  Students shall not park in any parking spaces within this lot which are labeled as "STAFF" or "RESERVED."  Any student who leaves any vehicle parked or standing on a labeled parking space will be subject to citation per CVC §21113(a).